favorite photo of the upper falls in great gully falls

Todd Marsh Landscape Photography

Capturing Beautiful Natural Scenes

Come Along

I’m not setting myself up as an expert, only a person learning a craft that has always interested me.

Even as a young adult, people often invited me to group meetings to share my interests and show them what I have learned.

Experts tell you how to do something. Educators provide methods you can adjust to your way of doing things. I’ve always been an educator.

Come and let me show you methods to improve your photography.

My Latest Photography Articles

Favorite Galleries

Sunset Photographs

Who doesn’t like sunsets?

Waterfall Scenes

Waterfalls and streams are my favorite subjects.

Lake Scenes

Mountain lakes are my second favorite scene to photograph. Living on a mountain lake would be the best!

Autumn Scenes

I’m drawn to bright colors so autumn is my favorite time of year to get out and take photos.

Beautiful maidenhair spleenwort fern

Ferns, Mosses, & Plants

Ferns and mosses are cool! Love the greens

Honey Bee on orange cone flower

Insects & Macro Photos

Close-up of bugs and things we never notice but should!

eagle at montezuma national wildlife refugee

Manmade Crap

Nature is my jam, but once in a while man surprises me.

pedestal rock

Rocks, Cliffs, & Outcrops

I’m a geologist of course I take photos of rocks & fossils.

red and orange sunrise at Onondaga Lake Syracuse, New York

Sunrises – If I Can Get Up

Getting up early isn’t always the problem, it getting out of the house. Coffee however is non-negotiable,

large cedar trees at clarks reservation

Trees – I Love Trees

Trees are great, but hard to photograph their majestity.

woodland scene and hiking trail in upstate New York

Woodland Scenes

Eastern woodlands are a mess, but I try to reduce the chaos.

todd marsh photography monthly photos

Photos I Take Each Month

Some aren’t my best, but hey, I like them and they track my progress to better photography & editing. Some would say decline.

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