The Rambling Category – My Thoughts on Anything

I’ve decided to make a new blog post category titled Ramblings which will be used as a journal. It’s doubtful that many if any at all will be interested in these blog posts however the purpose of these Rambling entries is more for myself.

Why Rambling Blog Posts?

I need writing practice and like many activities, the best way to get better is to do the activity as frequently as possible.

My writing is often labored and it takes me a long time to get my thoughts down on paper either with pen or keyboard. I need to write quicker. is not my only website. In the past and currently, I have many with some of them getting 100,000’s of page views a year. Most of these websites are dedicated to some sort of educational endeavor and not storytelling. I want to get better at storytelling.

The slow writing is in part my brain not coming up with the correct words. The lack on my part of paying attention to my high school English classes and hopping over mandatory liberal arts college courses due to “Life Experience” as a non-traditional college student has not done me any favors.

Another reason it takes me so long to write a blog post is a lack of subject focus. I feel that I need to explain everything which increases the length of the blog post. This is good for educational-type articles, but it is not for storytelling. 

I need to pick a small focus subject and stay on point. Shorter posts are not great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but the purpose of this Rambling Category is not to draw people from Google to my website, rather it is to record my progress in photography and note aspects that have helped improve my photo compositions, editing, and anything I deem important to me.

Other Reasons for Ramblings

Each Rambling might also ask a question that maybe a reader can help me with. This might also include interventions to my complaining about a topic. At times my thoughts are linear and views from another perspective would be welcomed. 

Did I Have A Spelling Mistake or Other Faux Pas?

I will warn all readers that these ramblings will be written in my own words and might not be in perfect English.

No need to comment or email me about these egregious errors because I do not care. 

NSFW Language Will Apply

Also, if swearing and NSFW language is a problem for you, remember, it is you who has the problem, not me. It’s the way I talk and I’m tired of not talking in my own voice on all the blog posts I write for other websites. 

I can’t make everyone happy and have no plans on trying. If you can relate to what I have to say in the way I say it I welcome you to the Ramblings of

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